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The essential attributes of STANET®



An easy way to create your own network

  • Powerful editing capabilities by keyboard, mouse, and digitizer.
  • Import-Export-Interfaces: ASCII-Text, ArcView, C-Plan, Cubis-Polis, GEOGRAT, GRIPS, GTIS, INGRADA, Internetz, Magellan, MapInfo, ODBC, PARIS, SICAD, Smallworld

Analysis and Simulation:


  • Stationary Simulation
  • Dynamic Calculation
  • Diameter-Optimization
  • You can define hydraulic parameters and settings.
  • Automated improve of the Topology.
  • Automated Creation of Sub Networks.
  • Calculation of additional values e.g.  Heat loss
  • Quality Assurance

Flexible ways for network design and editing:

  • Defined output of network parameters and results: sort, classify, and filter.
  • Display of background images as raster- (e.g. TIFF, BMP, etc.) and vector format (AutoCad-DXF Format)
  • Assignment of attributes (e.g. colors) to any network parameter.
  • Extended possibilities to design the network configuration.
  • Graphic elements can be designed by the user.
  • Creation und reusing of network templates.
  • Tools to create diagrams (e.g. spatial profile diagram, extended period simulation).
  • Object oriented technical data representation or by the use of spreadsheets.
  • Cut of and paste sub networks(Copy & Paste)

Additional Features:


  • Longitudinal cut
  • Altitude Interpolation.
  • Import data of the annual consumption bill.
  • User defined data fields.
  • Saving of different calculation procedures.
  • Print Preview.

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